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Hey Yall!  How did March treat you?  March was ok for me but I got hit with a dose of reality last month. 

During the beginning of March, my employer sat me down and asked me when they relocate in January will I be coming along with them.  I let her know that I wouldn’t be due to the location they are moving to which is 30 minutes away but traffic is horrible so it would take me about 2 hours to get to work and back home- no way would I want a commute like that!  So, my employer informed me that now would be the best time to start looking for a job and not wait until the last minute and end up with something I do not want.  She also wants to write a highly thoughtful recommendation letter for me to whomever I would like to work for (she doesn’t know anything about my blogs).

Now, here is how reality hit me.  I have been comfortable these past 7 years with my job and always had a set mentality that if “blogging ever stopped working for me at least I have a job to lean on”.  Well folks by the end of this year I will be fully self-employed without having a job and this really makes me scared of the unknown.  I keep having these “what if” moments about working for myself full time.  “What if the money from blogging stop coming in?”  “What if Google decides to de-index me?” “What if I decide staying at home is not right for me?”  Also, “what about medical insurance, 401K, etc?”  So much is going through my mind about this transition and I’m so nervous about this since I have two kids to take care of.  Mr. M is fully self-employed so his income can go up and down at times.  It has been very reliable lately but at the beginning when he first started his business it wasn’t reliable at all.  Good thing his business has grown quite well.

For several months now with the blogging money I’ve been earning, I have been paying down my debts and also saving it.  By the end of the year I want to have a year or more worth of pay to fall back on.

Here are my March totals:

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1.  Amazon $28.06

2. Escalate Network– $473.44

3. MaxBounty $122.60

4. ROI Rocket $1732.50

5. Serve– $104.24

6. Google Adsense  $145.52

7. eBook– $3.98

8. Panthera Network  $5253.15

Grand Total– $7863.49

I didn’t do as well as I did last month but that is ok because with spring being here and people are dealing with spring break vacations, proms, activities outdoors, they are not worried about being online as much.  So there will be a trend of my income being a bit low.

Also, do you know what I’ve been working on lately?  I have created my first eBook!  It has been long overdue but it’s finally here- well it has been on my other blog for a week or two but I’m making the official announcement today and this is no April Fool’s joke!   I get a lot of people asking me how they too can make money with blogging so this eBook will show you ways on how to do it, especially with affiliate marketing and how it works.  You can purchase the eBook using PayPal and also you can get it on Kindle through Amazon.

Thank you everyone for your support!  I hope you had a great month of earnings in March and cheers to a successful month in April!

Happy Earnings!


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