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Hey yall!  Can you believe that we’re in the middle of the year now?  How has it been completing your goals for the year so far?  As for me I feel that my goals have been getting met and I continue to see growth with my business.  I started contacting brands directly (mainly for travel) more, just that now I need to learn how to get  these brands as repeating customers instead of a one-time deal.  I need to create a media pricing list to go along with my media kit.  This will be on my to-do list.

Last month was pretty much my “coming out” letting my family and friends know I’m a blogger.  I was featured on a very popular website For Harriet and my family and friends seen the article and was very proud of me for what I do.  They were very accepting and even started sharing the post on Facebook.  Such a proud moment for me!

The reason why I don’t speak about what I do to some people because of judgement, I don’t want people to judge me and say blogging is not a career.  Also, I don’t want people speaking negatively about my daughters being on my blog.  Mr. M and I had a discussion about if we should allow the girls to be on my blog since they wanted to be on it.  Since I do not speak about our personal lives or theirs we decided to include them and my girls couldn’t be happier because they are invited to exclusive events, became brand ambassadors, and get cool products to review.   Hey, you never know they may one day become bloggers themselves or find a job opportunity with the brands they’ve worked with.

June was the best earning month for me!  I had a goal this year to make 5 figures in 1 month just to see if it would be possible and guess what, it is!  Check out my totals below:

June Totals:

1. MaxBounty $592.20

2. Private Clients– $450

3. Escalate Network $939.81

4. eBook $1.99

5. ROI Rocket $2487.90

6. Google Adsense $128.53

7. Panthera Network $5,537.87

8. Amazon $9.80

Grand Total–  $10,148.10

I’ve seen blogs making 10k, 20k, even 30k a month and I wanted to see if I could do the same too.  I didn’t really do anything differently probably because of myself being featured on a big website and having useful posts that has been shared a lot.  Right now on Product Review Mom I have been putting my focus on summer travel, pretty much that blog seems to be becoming a travel blog but my readers doesn’t seem to mind because my traffic has been growing and I’m not relying on giveaways for a traffic boost.  Featuring more of me on Product Review Mom has also helped too.  People like to see the face that is behind the blog to get to know the author of the blog better.

Although June was great for me there was a problem I found while looking at my competitor’s blog, I seen one that pretty much duplicated what I have written on my blog.  Mr. M told me that with me sharing about how much I’m making each month that just gives people a reason to copy me.  Also he said I’m putting myself in a security risk disclosing my income.  He is right about this and got me thinking if I should be sharing my income anymore.  I think I’m going to finish off this year and then stop sharing.  What do you think I should do?

I contacted the person who duplicated me directly and they rewritten their article.  At first I was going to go to the big boys, Google to have their content de-indexed so their blog would not be found in Google searches but I played nice this time.    They replied back to me within minutes of me contacting them because they knew they could get in all sorts of trouble. 

Copying other peoples’ work and stealing their photos is a big no-no!  You can find yourself slapped with a lawsuit if you do that.  Hopefully this person who stole from me learns their lesson because next time I won’t be as nice.

You all know I’m all about learning new ways to make money with my blog and I found out about an affiliate program that pays you for each click on a photo, link, or video and it’s called www.shopstylecollective.com.  It is a great site if your blog is about fashion and beauty.  I just started using it at the end of last week so I’m unsure how well it will work for me. They pay seems small unless the clicks leads to a sale.

Well folks I’m getting ready to do more traveling this month, I’m headed to Memphis and Las Vegas.  Make sure to follow me on my social networks and Product Review Mom to see what I’ve been up to. 

My focus for July is to start working on fall content as well as Christmas!  LOL, Christmas in July, well not really, I just like working months in advance.

I hope June was a great month for you and cheers to July!

Happy Earnings!


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