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Did you know that you can get paid to test products at home free? I’ve been a product reviewer for Top Brands for the past 10 years and really enjoy this job!  Every month, different companies sends me free stuff in the mail for me to test and give my opinions.  After the product test, I get paid!

Getting paid to test products is great because you test the products free before you buy it.  This has really helped save me money on products I may not like.  Also I learn about new products soon to come out in stores.

Keep reading to get a free list of Top Product Testing Companies

Here is How Paid Product Testing Works:

1. Sign up and fill out your profile.  This helps companies know which demographic you are and what product test will be right for you.  (I like to sign up with several different companies to get more opportunities to test products)

2. Check your email box daily for product testing invites.  Some invites won’t tell you until the end of the survey to test their products, so complete all survey invites.

3. Product test will be sent to your home for you to try out.

4. A survey will be sent to you after you’ve tested the product.

5. After survey is complete, you’ll be paid for your time and opinion.  Also you’ll be able to keep the product too!

Check out more information about getting paid to test products.

List of Free Product Testing Companies to Join

Companies listed below are what I use personally to receive products to test at home.  All are legitimate and never charge you to make money or test products.  Any questions, please contact me.

  • MySoapBox– I’ve received several product test from them and they are the first company I started product testing with.  My first product test I did with them paid me $150 to test premium name brand coffee for two weeks!  They even offer high paying Focus Groups! (My Top Favorite) How Product Report Card Pays– PayPal and Gift Cards


  •– I get quite a bit of products to test and pay is good.  When you join, click on the “REWARDS” tab above on their website and then click “TEST PRODUCTS”.  You’ll also receive product test invites through email. Toluna also offers high paying Focus Groups you can join. (My Top Favorite) How Toluna Pays– Cash and Gift Cards


  •– I get about 2 to 3 products to test a month.  They are the #1 Product Testing Company!  You get paid the very next day after completing a survey with them.  This company is by invitation only and I currently have invite openings!  All you have to do is click on the invite link above and sign up before it closes.  (My Top Favorite) How Pinecone Pays– Cash, PayPal, Gift Cards, Merchandise, Music, and More!


  •– I get several products to test with them and pays well.  I-Say also offers high paying Focus Groups you can join.  (My Top Favorite) How I-Say Pays– Cash, PayPal, and Gift Cards


  • LifePoints– I get a lot of products to test with them! Also LifePoints sends out Sprint Cell Phones for you to record different things and get paid well for doing it and they also have high paying Focus Groups.  (My Top Favorite) How LifePoints Pays– Cash, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and Other Gift Cards


  •– I get some products to test with them and they pay pretty well.  Once you cashout, you get your payment within seconds! How OpinionOutpost Pays– Cash, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards


  •– I get a few products to test and pays well.  How MindfieldOnline Pays– Cash, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards


  • National Consumer Panel You’ll get a free hand held scanner sent to your home so you can scan in all your household purchases and get rewards for doing it.  How National Consumer Panel Pays– Visa Gift Card


  •–  I get like 1 product to test every other month with them and they pay with gift cards.  How In Home Product Testing Pays– Target Gift Cards


  •– I get very few products to test but pays well.  How BuzzBack Pays– PayPal and Gift Cards 


  • LOreal Product Testing– I get some beauty products to test and they pay me with more free beauty products.  How LOreal Pays– Free Beauty Products


  •– I get a lot of products to test with BzzAgent and they’re one of my favorite companies!  (My Top Favorite)  How BzzAgent Pays– MyPoints rewards to redeem for free merchandise, gift cards and more


  • Smiley360– I just recently joined this product testing company and so far I’ve tested a couple of items from Smiley360.  I also won a $100 American Express Gift Card with them.  How Smiley360 Pays– Free Products


  • Swaggable– Just joined this company and waiting to start testing and reviewing products.  I’ve noticed that they offer a lot of health type products to review.  How Swaggable Pays– Free Products


  • Tomoson– You’ll get free products to review and they also do giveaways.  How Tomoson Pays– Free Products


For more product testing opportunities please visit my other blog

These are Other Product Testing Companies Looking for Product Testers 

*Focus Groups is when you join other consumers like yourself online in a chatroom setting or forum with a administrator to discuss a new concept of a new product in development.  Payments can be about $50-$150+.

Are you not from the US but want to test products also? 
Click Here.

Anyone can become a product tester.  All product testing companies are free to join and will never charge you for your opinion.  Help make a difference with companies and their products by letting them know if you like their products or not.

Looking for more opportunities to earn extra money free at home?  Check out my work from home page with a list of free work from home websites.

Happy Earnings!

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