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Hey yall!  Another month in the books!  In August, I felt like I was going 100 miles an hour with all the things I had to do like work, blogging, back to being on a strict school routine, etc.  I’m so exhausted but I’m grateful I was able to find time for me even though it was for one day.

So, nothing much really going on with me when it comes to blogging, still working on creating seasonal blog posts for the fast approaching holiday season.  4th Quarter is here and getting those holiday posts done now and scheduled will free up my time so I can enjoy the holidays with my family.  This is what I did last year and it felt great that I could step away from my blogs.

August was my best month ever when it comes to my earnings and I’m very proud of my accomplishments!  I would’ve never thought I would be making so much from my blogs, truly incredible!

Check out my August totals:

1. eBook $1.99

2. MaxBounty $616.60

3. ROI Rocket $3,057.15

4. Sverve– $73.12

5. Google Adsense  $154.31

6. Panthera Network $7664.60

7. Amazon $.70

Grand Total– $12,341.25

Amazing, right?  Remember, if you have a passion turn that passion into a business.  Success doesn’t happen overnight so continue to keep following your dreams because it’ll all start flourishing if you keep at it.

Guess what!  You all know that I’m resigning from my job at the end of the year.  Well, my boss knows about my blog and she is so proud of me!  I was in total shock because I thought I would get fired for it.  She loved my blog and couldn’t believe all the things I got to do because of my blog.  She was very impressed that I turned my blog into a successful business.  I’m really going to miss my job because it wasn’t just a job; it was like working with my family.  This is why I enjoy working for small businesses; you’re not just another number with bosses who doesn’t even know who you are.

Like I mentioned before, I’m going to stop sharing my income reports so this will be my last.  However, I will share my 2015 totals like I promised to see if I succeeded my goal of making $100,000. It’s looking very promising, so stay tuned!

I hope you all had a great month of earnings in August and cheers to September, October, November, and December!

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