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Hey yall!  I hope you all had a great month in April!  April for me was busy dealing with taxes and boy did I owe a lot once again!  What had happen was last tax season my accountant printed out estimated tax stubs for me to pay my taxes for 2014 quarters but the thing is the estimates wasn’t enough due to my increase income so it made me owe a lot more taxes than I hope for.  On top of that, during the same time that taxes were due I had to pay my first quarter taxes for 2015 too, so I was hit with a double whammy! 

Right now I’m trying to recover and spend a lot less since the money I’ve been saving took a hit.  So if you’re looking into owning your own business, that is what you got to look forward to, taxes.  I highly recommend doing your taxes quarterly and hiring a accountant as well- remember they are a tax write off!

Besides the tax headache, my income for the month of April was pretty good, actually better than I expected.  With so much different events going on I figured people would be on my blog less but I will say my blog traffic on Product Review Mom did take a hit but not too bad.

Here are my earnings in April:

1. MaxBounty $547.60

2. eBook $19.90

3. Private Client– $100

4. Cashcrate $20.72

5. Moms Affiliate– $76.00

6. Escalate Network $822.18

7. ROI Rocket $1829.00

8. Amazon $19.11

9. Google Adsense– $157.43

10. Panthera Network $5397.20

Grand Total– $8989.14

What I haven’t mentioned about what happened to me in April was starting to feel uninspired with blogging- not a good sign.  I’ve been blogging every day and it is really starting to burn me out.  I love blogging but I’m going to need to start taking breaks and get my life back.  I told myself during the summer to start taking breaks so when I start my summer travels I will not blog until I come back so I can put all my focus on my trip and rejuvenate.

I want to give a big fat Thank you and Hug to those that supported me by purchasing my first eBook, I really do appreciate the love!  I received my first positive review on Amazon so it looks like I’m off to a great start- more eBooks for me to do in the future!

I haven’t really been doing much when it comes to sponsored posts because like I said April I felt so uninspired.  If you’re a blogger, have you ever felt uninspired and took a break from blogging?

In May, my focus will be working on summer content and preparing for my next road trip. This trip the family and I will be headed to Destin Florida.

I hope you all had a great month of earnings and cheers to a great month of May!

Happy Earnings!


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