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Hey Yall!   Sorry this post is so late!  I have been so caught up with re-adjusting my schedule and traveling that I haven’t had time to do my end of the year income report.

So, how did you do?  Did you achieve your income goals for 2015?   

I told y’all that I wanted to see if it’s possible for me to make $100,000 with blogging.  Last year I made over $70k and wanted to up my goal.  If I didn’t make my goal, I was fine with whatever I made, as long as I make enough money to make a living blogging because I was transitioning making blogging my full-time job.

Welp folks, I’m happy to say I did it!  A matter of fact, I exceeded my goal!  Take a look at my totals:

Disclosure : EarningFreeMoney.com earns income through affiliate marketing programs, it does not affect the views of  this content.   Results may vary on how much you make with programs advertised on this blog.January– $7719.47

February– $9072.74

March– $7863.49

April– $8989.14

May– $8506.25

June– $10,148.10

July– $10,571.29

August– $12,341.25

September– $12,104.51

October– $11,360.46

November– $10,832.61

December– $10,038.00

Grand Total– $119.547.31

Wow!  Just wow!  I have to give God all the praises!  This is truly incredible.  Who’d think that a hobby would turn into a full-time business?   

What helped was being consistent with it and not following trends.  Just being myself and writing what I’m passionate about made blogging not feel like a job.

As you all know, I’m an old school blogger.  When I first started blogging back in 2008, there weren’t brands out there sponsoring posts. However, affiliate marketing was just being introduced.  Thanks to Squidoo (now closed) for their writer’s boot camp, top internet marketers trained me on how to make money with my writing by joining affiliate programs.  Also, they trained me on the art of story-telling, not sounding like a boring robot trying to make a buck.

90 percent of my income is through affiliate marketing programs.  I hate to do sponsored posts of brands that I don’t even believe in.  Readers will catch on fast and will no longer return.  Also, you can get burned out doing sponsored posts all the time just to make money.  If you have to go the sponsored posts route, try to work with brands as a paid ambassador doing several posts for them, instead of one-off posts.

Being a blogger is very hard work, but I did have help with growing my business by hiring a virtual assistant, having paid writers, and paying for scheduled social media posting program called HootSuite.  With any business, you can’t do everything yourself.  

Having a niche is important with blogging.  You want to become an expert in your niche, so you become the go-to person about the topic.   Just writing about a certain topic can get boring over time, but what helped me was sticking to my niche for a few years and then changing my blog over to lifestyle topics, yet still blogging about my niche from time to time.  I rank the first page on Google for my keywords even with the changes.

Keeping up with a schedule of when you post helps too.  Don’t just post just the sake of posting, make sure you’re writing quality posts.  Put it this way, is the post you’re writing about make you proud to push the publish button?

Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers.  Everyone’s journeys are different, and everyone will have their time to shine as long as they work hard at achieving their blogging goals.

Make sure to respond to your readers.  Readers feel appreciated when you respond back to them. I hate it when I go on blogs, leave a comment, and the blog owner doesn’t respond back.  I know there are bloggers with a lot of engagement, and it’s hard to return a comment to everyone, but, at least, make an effort.  This includes answering reader’s emails.

I have seen this a lot lately, bloggers telling about their next move of what they’re doing with their blog.  Stop!  People steal ideas!  Keep what you do to yourself and hit it with them when you do it.  At least, you’ll be the first one doing it.

Before I go, be careful of all these fly by night e-courses, so called experts of blogging and consultations.  I’ve been seeing this kind of people popping up every single day, looking to make a quick buck off of newbies trying to start blogging.  Do your research first before investing in these.  Trust me, I’ve been burned out of $500, don’t be a victim!

This will be my last income report.  This blog will return to ways of making extra money online again.  I’m still an email away if you have any questions for me.

Thank you y’all for following along my journey.  I wish you much success in your endeavors.

Cheers to 2016 and the years ahead!


Happy Earnings!

Disclosure : EarningFreeMoney.com earns income through affiliate marketing programs, it does not affect the views of  this content.   Results may vary on how much you make with programs advertised on this blog.

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